Mega-Sidearm Fixed
Mega-Sidearm Fixed

Mega-Sidearm Fixed, 12"
Black Anodized
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Mega-Sidearm Fixed

Mega-Sidearm Fixed, 18"
Black Anodized
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Mega-Sidearm Fixed

Mega-Sidearm Fixed, 24"
Black Anodized
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Mega-Sidearm Fixed

Mega Sidearm Fixed, 30"
Black Anodized
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Mega-Sidearm Fixed

Mega-Sidearm Slider
The slider is 1″×2″×3″ aluminum block, CNC machined to fit over the Mega-Sidearm. There are two drilled and tapped 1/2" holes. One hole is for fastening to the light fixture, and the other hole is for locking the position of the slider.

Mega-Sidearm Fixed Length

Available in 12", 18", 24", 30" and 36" Lengths. Black or Mill finish.

The Fixed Length Mega-Sidearm is a stable 2" Mega-Coupler attached to a 1.315" OD 1" Schedule 80 pipe.

The Mega-Sidearm Coupler connects to 1 1/4" pipe (1.66" OD), 1-1/2" pipe (1.9" OD), and 2" OD tube.

Working Load Limit is 300 lbs. @ 12" Length.
Working Load Limit is 200 lbs. @ 18" Length.
Working Load Limit is 150 lbs. @ 24" Length.
Working Load Limit is 120 lbs. @ 30" Length.
Working Load Limit is 100 lbs. @ 36" Length.

A Mega-Sidearm Slider can be purchased separately to fasten directly to the Mega-Sidearm. The slider is 1″×2″×3″ and has two drilled and tapped 1/2" holes. One for fastening to the light fixture and one for position locking.

Download Spec Sheet (PDF)
Working Load Limit

150 lbs. @ 24" Length


MSAB12 – 1.7lbs MSAB18 – 2.05lbs. MSAB24 – 2.40lbs. MSAB30 – 2.75lbs. MSAB36 – 3.10 MSASB or MSASM – 0.60lbs.

Case Quantities


Order Codes

MSAB12 Mega-Sidearm 12" Fixed Length, Black Anodized
MSAB18 Mega-Sidearm 18" Fixed Length, Black Anodized
MSAB24 Mega-Sidearm 24" Fixed Length, Black Anodized
MSAB30 Mega-Sidearm 30" Fixed Length, Black Anodized
MSAB36 Mega-Sidearm 36" Fixed Length, Black Anodized
MSASB Mega-Sidearm Slider, Black Anodized
MSASM Mega-Sidearm Slider, Silver