Other Parts
Other Parts

4" Castor for Mega-Truss Dolly

Other Parts

Mega-Gridlock Hardware
Part Number: MG-HWP
Includes 24 each of the 5/16″ × 2″ Socket Cap Bolts and 5/16" Nylon Lock Nuts.
This is complete hardware for 6 Mega-Gridlocks, (MGB or MGM).

Other Parts

TC-Clamp Hardware Pack #TC-HWP Includes 12 – 1/2″ × 1-1/4" Hex Head Bolts, 12 – Jam Nuts, 12 – Belleville Washers. Complete Hardware for 12 TC-Clamps.

Other Parts

Mini-Claw Handle # MI-M-HB

We carry a variety of spare parts for all of our products. If you do not see what you need listed, please call us.

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Order Codes

MG-HWP Mega-Gridlock Hardware, Silver
MI-M-HB Mini-Claw Handle, Black
MTDCASTOR Castor, 4" for Mega-Truss Dolly, Silver
NE.5-13X-ABZ Eye Nut Zinc, Black
TC-HWP TC-Clamp Hardware Pack, Silver
WB1-.515X.063-EN Standard 1" Diameter Belleville Washer, Silver