Track Hanger
Track Hanger

Triple Track Hanger with Optional 3 Track Hanger Short Plates installed 6" on center.

Track Hanger

Triple Track Hanger with optional Mega-Gridlock and 3 Track Hanger Shorts installed. Gridlock could hang from a pipe as shown or be rotated 90 degrees to hang track assembly from 12" box truss cross bar.

Triple Track Hanger pictured above -

3/8″ × 4″ × 18″ Aluminum Bar CNC Drilled for Gridlock/Track Hangers. The M140 Triple Track Spacer will support three M140 Tracks on 6 inch centers. Track Hanger Shorts and Gridlocks ordered separately. Mill or Anodized Black Finish.

Download Spec Sheet (PDF)

3/8″ × 4″ × 18″ Triple3/8″ × 4″ × 12″ Double


2.30 pounds – triple 1.70 pounds – double

Case Quantities


Order Codes

M140-TH-DOUBLE-B Double Track Hanger, Black Anodized
M140-TH-DOUBLE-M Double Track Hanger, Silver
M140-TH-TRIPLE-B Triple Track Hanger, Black Anodized
M140-TH-TRIPLE-M Triple Track Hanger, Silver